Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Donna & Carol Series

I believe that erotica works better when it occurs within the flow of a meaningful story, built around believable characters with whom readers develop a strong connection. That is what I attempted to do with my Donna & Carol series. 

The stories begin in the fall of 1969 and are set in a northern suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The characters are high school seniors (all 18+) when the series begins, and we are there with them as they explore one another, learn about sex, make mistakes, and fall in love.

In our time, we would call them sex-positive; their couplings are playful, passionate, guilt-free, and very, very creative. The characters are equally open-minded about the structure of relationships, and they stretch the definition of couple, to include more than two, and not just for sex, but for love as well. In the final analysis, it is the love that holds the series together. 

Most of these stories were originally published on the free Literotica website. Of the seven stories published in 2011, the first was released in the First Time category, with the remaining six listed under Group Sex. This was the highest rated new story series in the Group Sex category for the English Language for the twelve months ending 12/14/11 (the last time I checked before the holidays began). It accounted for two of the top five places, three of the top ten, and five of the top twenty, with 289,180 views, 1,552 votes, and 33 comments. Rankings for all seven stories ranged from 4.71 to 4.87 on a 5.0 scale.

Readers praised the character development, referring to them as "realistic and fully formed." "It's the intensely personal way you're drawing your 4 characters that is so capturing." 

Regarding the erotic elements: "Your descriptions make me feel as if I'm right there in the room with them;" the author "writes like a camera/sound records;" and "Wow! I'm still hard even after cumming."

"This series is quickly becoming one of the best erotic stories anywhere. Everything about it is outstanding: deep character development, perfectly-paced plot progression, and passionate imagery. While many stories feature a descent into debauchery, the building action in Donna & Carol feels more like ascension."

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